Painting of a English Bulldog January 22 2014

Despite being in the UK, I don't paint many English Bulldogs, so it's a great treat when the opportunity to paint this dog breed comes along - here is Ronald the bulldog! Beneath that noble, handsome exterior is a real softy! Oil on canvas 10x12 (commission)

Charcoal Dachshund dog Sketch January 13 2014

Charcoal Dachshund Sketch
This little dachshund chap is having his portrait painted - and so as a warm up for painting dogsI often do quick prep sketches to get a feel for the subject. Charcoal on paper 2014

Dog art cards - sketches and paintings January 12 2014

Dog art cards

Fine art cards from portraits and paintings of dogs by Justine Osborne
You can buy them singly, but also in packs of 6!

Past Portraits- English pointer in oils January 11 2014

Past Portraits- English pointer
I have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for a muzzle, and so one of my favourite dog breeds to paint is the English Pointer, here is a very handsome young pointer boy from 2009. 
A large oil painting at 30x30in. Commission.