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The Anonymous hare - portrait of a hare

Posted by justine osborne on

"Glimpse" The anonymous hare.
When I paint dogs, the photos generally show the trust in the dog's eyes, looking adoringly at their owner.
This was a very different experience when painting this hare, scared and very dubious about human presence.
Vulnerability, alertness and focus, as the viewer you are very much an intruder on this hare's territory, a spy.
The title of this painting is "Glimpse". This painting process is therefore quite a paradox, a chance photo, and then a lengthy observation from the photo during painting. I wanted to give this hare a character and show his (or her, I'll never know!) determination for survival.
The size of this oil on canvas painting is quite large at 20x20in, and adds to this innocuous hare having a more monumental status.